To buy ARCoins you first need to buy Bitcoins.

Below are the steps to accomplish a purchase in the public market:

1. Buy Bitcoins in your favorite Bitcoin exchange, example: Bitstamp or Coinbase

2. Open an account in the ARCoin exchange Bittrex

3. Create a ARCoin wallet in one of the available Wallets

4. Withdraw your Bitcoins to the Bittrex Exchange Bitcoin deposit address

5. Once the Bitcoins are available on the exchange, place your buy order on the ARCoin order book

Note: The prices are in Bitcoins. To calculate the dollar price, multiply the ARCoin BTC price with the current Bitcoin price. For example, if the current BTC price is $500 and the current ARCoin price is 0.0002 BTC the dollar price is 0.0002 x 500 = $0.1

6. Once you are done with buying withdraw your ARCoins to your ARCoin wallet address (Created on Step 3)

Note: if you have any difficulties in the buying process, feel free to contact us at for support.